We Give You The Tools You Need To Succeed
To ensure that Black-owned Businesses have every opportunity for growth, success, and profitability, TBBC-MC will provide meaningful programming and support to help Black-owned Businesses overcome ongoing challenges.  
  • Provide programs, projects, workshops, seminars, and services that meet the professional development and business relationship building needs of TBBC-MC members. 
  • Create a forum to provide programs, services, and projects that will retain and grow Black-owned Businesses. 
  • Develop programs and resources to encourage entrepreneurship. 
  • Work with other appropriate organizations to make it easier to create and operate a business in areas where Black-owned Businesses are notably absent. 
  • Bridge Builders' Incubation Program.  An economic and social development entity designed to:  (1) Advise existing and potential start-up businesses; (2) Help them to establish, and (3) Accelerate their growth and success through a comprehensive business assistance program.  Click here to complete an Application to be interviewed.
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