Dear Members, Supporters, and Friends:

Welcome to the website of the Texas Black Business Council - Montgomery County (TBBC-MC).  We are headquartered in Montgomery County; but offer membership state-wide to all Black-owned businesses.

As one of the founding directors of the TBBC-MC, I am often asked, especially by my white friends/counterparts, "Why is there a need for a Council for Business Owners?"  Their question is normally followed up with the statement, "I am willing to use a business regardless of race or the owner".  Because they are my friends, I know for sure that their question and statement are well intended.  I respond to them with facts and I can see their lights come on.  This is the information I cite to them:

"In the state of Texas, the 1997 Census Bureau reported a total of 1,525,972 firms.  Of that number, only 0.5% of businesses were owned by Blacks.  In 1997, Blacks represented 12% of the population.  

While the number of black-owned businesses are troubling, a more important concern is that businesses owned by Blacks tend to be smaller and less successful than nonminority-owned businesses.  Firms owned by Blacks also have lower profits and higher closure rates than those owned by whites (U.S. Census Bureau 1997) and these disparities are large.  For example, white-owned firms have average sales of $439,579.00, compared with only $74,018.00 for Black-owned firms (U.S. Census Bureau 2006)."

Establishing Black-owned businesses in Texas, (particularly in counties where Black-owned businesses are practically non-existent), and providing those businesses with the tools to help them make an impactful economic gain is a top TBBC-MC priority.  The council's primary aim is to become influential in the incubation and growth of a great number of Black-owned companies.  We intend to provide black business owners with access to economic opportunities by means of strategic alliances with policy makers and business development organizations.  TBBC-MC will engage in supplier diversity programs, will provide advice and technical support to our emerging and established business members; and we will maintain a strong partnership with corporate and government leaders who responsibly share our mission to promote economic empowerment without disparity.  

To our current and future valued members, sponsors, affiliates and colleagues, "We thank you for your support, we appreciate your loyalty to our goals and objectives, and we look forward to future mutually beneficial endeavors." 

With empowering regards,  

Sallie Watkins,

Chair and Executive Director

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